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Bitter-Tweet Part 1

Bitter-Tweet Part 1

By Allison Trombetta, Intern (@AllisonTrom41)

Yesterday, I read an article from Online Travel Review titled, “Twitter is creating a Generation of Whiny Travels Who Complain about Everything (Boo Hoo).” Although the title is not the most creative and/or professional headline I’ve ever seen, the author does have a point. The author explains how Twitter users are using the social media site as a best friend, a new place to vent. Users are specifically using Twitter to complain about travel arrangements including dissatisfaction with flights and hotels.

The author asks readers to type in “worst airline” in the search box on Twitter. Some of the comments that were posted include, “Once again, another flight on @USAirways is delayed. This time, because a flight attendant is running late. Worst airline and “Never fly Delta. It is the worst airline ever.” Are these complaints causing too many “Twitter is over capacity” pages or can “twit complaints” be a business’s next consumer relations campaign?

You cannot control what users say on Twitter. However, it is social media sites and new technology that have only made it easier for consumers to hide their faces behind a screen. If you have a serious problem with a product or service, say it and own up to it. Put yourself out there and become visible to the company. As today’s consumers, we have to take action instead of staying passive. Most businesses admit to wanting our honest feedback. However, nagging via Twitter in 140 characters or less is not the best way to get what you want. There is a good chance your friends and followers do not want to hear your complaints and more importantly cannot make changes for you.

After some further research, I will blog explaining the positives of consumer feedback via Twitter for a company.

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