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By Stephanie Tillman, Intern

The other day, I stumbled upon a social media outlet that I had never seen before. Now, let me first say, that it is obvious to those who know me that there are many social media outlets that I have never heard of. This outlet in particular however, made me think about public relations and how even the simplest of social media can be viewed in public relations light.

After random Google searches and much distress over what I was going to write about in my weekly blog post, I found myself on a website called Formspring.me After doing my research by clicking around, I found that this particular website is just based on questions and answers. I know, it sounds ridiculous but I began to think about the possibilities of this simple site in relation to the complex world of public relations.

I quickly signed up and made a profile. By doing so, anyone could ask me any question that they want to and I could respond likewise. The answers remain anonymous. In addition, now that I’m signed up, I have the ability to setup and ask my own questions as well. Then, it came to me! With this type of website, PR clients can update their respective firms to express to them their immediate needs and desires. They can use it to tell them what they want to change or keep the way it is. This website can be used as a way to reduce time spent talking about things that could be beneficial, but we rarely have time stop and think about.

Formspring.me is basically an honesty box. With that being said, clients and even employees can answer pre-written questions or ask their own anonymously. If a PR firm or any type of business used such a website it could pave the way for better employee to employee relations, employee to client relations, business to business relations and even media to business relations. Of course, it is possible that this honesty box may get too honest, but come on; we’re all professionals here, right?

It is mind-boggling to me how it is getting increasingly easier to communicate via the internet. Now with a site like Formspring.me, you can answer a question without even telling anyone who you are! It might be a little far-fetched, but the possibilities of Public Relations (with the way we use social media nowadays), are endless. Just a few status updates on Twitter, a Facebook post and an answered question on Formspring.me can make a whole world of a difference.

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