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Bitter-Tweet Part 2

Bitter-Tweet Part 2

By Allison Trombetta, Intern (@AllisonTrom41)

As I mentioned last week, Twitter is becoming an outlet for unsatisfied consumers to vent. This social media ventilation service can actually be something extremely beneficial for companies. Corporations are using Twitter to track how their consumers feel, but are more importantly using Twitter to improve their businesses overall.

Certain companies are known for their success of the company Twitter page:

  • Dell for example, is one company that regulates a very successful page. They decided to use a multi-Twitter page tactic with different Twitter handles. Dell has a general account and then a DellOutlet account that offers discounts solely to their followers.
  • JetBlue reaches their customers by communicating via Twitter which company support employee is on duty and how to contact them. Referencing my previous blog post, consumers complaining about JetBlue via Twitter can now check their page and make a direct call.
  • Zappos’s CEO runs their company Twitter page. He chooses to post witty comments, quotes and information about himself. His followers and consumers feel a personal connection with the CEO and, therefore, closer to the company.
  • Southwest Airlines runs a very relaxed Twitter page with constant communication back and fourth with followers. Southwest Airlines is also known for some of the happiest employees in our country. Happy employees make for happy consumers which makes for one successful business!

Twitter has changed the way companies interact with their consumers. If companies can look past the clutter of complaints that fill up a Twitter page, their company can benefit from operating a Twitter page when handled correctly.

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