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Life Long Learning

Life Long Learning

By Allison Trombetta, Intern (@AllisonTrom41)

Classes, Homework, Studying: the parts of college I would not miss when graduating. “Post-college is going to be great,” one of the many thoughts I had about life after college. I would never have to sit through a class again, I can still go out with my friends, and eventually make a lot of money. Intriguing thoughts jogged through my mind while sitting under the commencement tent in my cap and gown at graduation.

However, it didn’t take many weeks in the “real world” to realize that I am no where near the end of classes, homework, and studying. In fact, school never really does end. The only way to become truly successful in your career is to continue learning. Know all there is to know about the field you’ve chosen. More specifically, Public Relations is a forever changing career and it’s important to roll with the punches. Now more so than ever, I want to continue learning about PR, writing, and highly credible publications.

News for college graduates: the learning is NOT over. This is only beginning and you should learn all there is to learn about your field of choice. Last week, I was inspired to proofread, read established publications, and most importantly continue learning. I have been tossed an abundance of tools to become the PR professional that I’m meant to be. I’m looking forward to my remodeled love for learning, reading and writing. OK, I will put that Cosmo down and pick up The New Yorker…for the most part.

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