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…and then there was one

…and then there was one

By Allison Trombetta, Intern (@AllisonTrom41)

Looking back now, I realized I commuted to New York from Connecticut roughly 80 times this summer. Most would look at this situation as a tough commitment or an inconvenience. I, however, have just completed my first public relations internship. I learned more in the past eight weeks than I could have ever learned in a classroom. I can not stress how important it is to work for a company in which you always feel valuable. Stephanie, Jeff and I loved our jobs because we truly felt part of the Fusion team.

The assigned tasks and experiences this summer have helped mold us in to soon to be account coordinators (also known as assistant account executives). Along with the basic PR tasks and client phone calls, I found the educational sessions extremely helpful. Very few agencies will take time out of their hectic schedules to teach the interns about the PR world.

I can not reiterate how thankful I am that I started my public relations career at Fusion. Not only am I grateful for what I’ve learned but for all of the people I met here. At a small agency everyone works together and really gets to know one another. It was a pleasure to watch the Fusion team go out of their way for another employee during the busiest times. I now have a lot of great people to model my public relations career and work ethic after.

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