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The Power of the Internet, for Good

The Power of the Internet, for Good

By, Chris Michaels, Senior Account Manager, Fusion LA (@chrisamichaels)

If you read my last post, you’d know that I recently started thinking about the next wave of social media innovation, and how video will play a big part in the newest platforms. One of the things that amazes me most about video, is its power to invoke change, more than any other platform.

For example, Google recently started a campaign to have people submit videos of their ideas or of innovation in use. From their CFO dancing like a fool (or a b-boy pretending to be him) to simple ideas that can have real impact on populations, video is a unique tool in conveying ideas.

As a communications vehicle, it leaves less to the imagination for the viewer and allows for a quicker connection with the audience. It’s the same reason that movies have such a bigger ‘wow’ factor than written word, in that it’s a multi-sensory experience.

Today, in my quest for lunchtime entertainment, I found a YouTube video posted today, that really hits the nail on the head. Sure, it’s a simple lost and found video, but it conveys so much more.

First, we get to know the character of the person who made it. We know he’s a father who seems to be a genuinely nice guy. Secondly, through his word choices, on-screen demeanor and situational candor, he gains our trust. And lastly, through the visual nonverbal communication, we’re able to realize the sincerity in his plea.

If this isn’t proof that video might be the impetus to change and the vehicle for true innovation, I’d like to see what you think rivals its power.

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