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Tumblr That!

Tumblr That!

By Alexandra Lue, Intern

I was a chronic Facebooker when it was limited to college students, and I was okay when Facebook extended memberships to high school students, but when Facebook became an open social network and my parents joined…I ran in the opposite direction.  And then there was Twitter, which abstracted the status update feature from Facebook and gave real-time information about whatever or whomever interests you. The answer for someone like me who is horrible at keeping in contact with people, so I loved that I was able to “follow” my friends and favorite celebrities’ status updates until my timeline became overpopulated with the TMI-tweeters and it’s nearly impossible to “un-follow” someone without offending them.

When I found out about this emerging social network that allows users to effortlessly share pictures, quotes, links, or video post as simple as sending a text message, I was quick to sign up. Now, my new addiction is Tumblr. It’s the Facebook meets Twitter meets Blogspot. It is the simple and sweet text message to the long drawn out email.

Tumblr is the new microblogging platform. It’s personal without being too personal. You can customize your blog anyway you like, “follow” different blog pages to appear on your “dashboard,” a newsfeed for you Twitter users. The best part is you are following an “interest” more so than a person. So whether you are into fashion, photography, science, politics, tech, or pretty much anything, you can have the blog page updates appear on your Smartphone.

Tumblr is revolutionary.  Now when people exchange contact information, they have to ask “Are you on Facebook?”, “Do you tweet?”, “What about Tumblr?” Tumblr just needs some catchy lingo. So now I will be the first to say, go Tumblr that!

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