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There’s a Thin Line between Reality TV and Reality

There’s a Thin Line between Reality TV and Reality

By Alexandra Lue, Intern

Brad Womack, the first ‘Bachelor’ to reject both finalists in 2007, didn’t leave his second appearance of the show‘s finale empty handed last night…or did he? The 38-year-old Texas heartbreaker proposed to 24-year-old Emily Maynard on ABC’s The Bachelor finale and she said yes.

Over the years, the show grew a reputation for having short-lived engagements. Several of the previous “Bachelor’s” were featured on VH1’s Celebrity Breakups, where they shared the common problem that once the cameras were off and the TV reality stars were sent back into reality, the relationships did not last. Many of the “Bachelors” are still single and now express regret and embarrassment from participating on the show. The Bachelor (No. 15) season finale had the lowest rated in three years, but the show still managed to attract 13.8 million viewers.

According to Popeater.com, the very recently engaged couple has broken up already.  A producer told sources that, “Emily is not able to forgive Brad for what she considers cheating week-after-week with other girls.” I’m not quite sure what reality show Emily thought she was signing up for, but it was to be expected that she wouldn’t be the only contestant on ‘The Bachelor’, or the station would have to change the name of the show.

ABC should do further background checks to find out whether the participants intend on being the happy couple that America tunes into every week to see, or if they are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Whether or not the couple hears wedding bells, ABC should humor us and write a clause into the contract so the couple will date for at least a week. Is that too long to ask for?

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