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More on PR and Blogging

More on PR and Blogging

I wrote an article for Bulldog Reporter that argued for the continued relevance of blogging for PR despite Pew Research data that showed a decline in blogging amongst youth (see the New York Times article, Blogs Wane as Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter).

Blogs make it easy to publish longer articles to the open Web; blog content tends to get favored by search engines; these are some of the reasons I cited.

Shonali Burke wrote an article for BNET that says blogging can be an important tool for reputation management.  It gives you a cheap and easy way to go on record and correct misinformation.  She writes about someone who is the focus of controversy, and says:

But on the other hand, if you are doing nothing to correct the misinformation, why would they even have an inkling that there’s another side to the story?

Now, imagine you don’t have recourse to large sums of money to go on a media tour, to issue news release after news release (though there are cost-effective ways of doing that these days), etc. What is the one media property you could tell your own story through?

It’s a blog.

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