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How to Get Yourself Out of the Black Hole of Tweets

How to Get Yourself Out of the Black Hole of Tweets

By Hillary Green, Intern

Five years ago a new revolution was born, Twitter. Statistics recently released by Twitter say that users now tweet an average of 140 million tweets per day. Many of these tweets get sent out into the social realm and are left unheard and unread. Five percent of the twitter population accounts for half of the whole network’s attention. That leaves ninety-five percent of users’ tweets going somewhere into the black hole of twitter.

Twitter strongly relies on the snowball effect, the more followers you have the more you are retweeted. More than fifty percent of tweets are generated by just 20,000 elite users. These elite users are celebrities, bloggers, and representatives of media outlets. Take for example the queen of Twitter, Lady Gaga. Gaga has around 10,938,949 followers and was number eight for 2010’s most retweeted tweets.

So how do you increase your visibility on Twitter? Twitter is a world that follows the old saying where less is more. Each tweet can only contain 140 characters, so you have to be creative and choose your characters wisely. You must create content that is interesting to your followers. Many businesses only have a small fraction of their tweets business related. Instead they tweet about what will generate the most response. They tweet about what the world is most interested in at the time, hoping to increase their influence in the twitter world.

You also need to create great relationships with other tweeters. You can engage with others through conversations on twitter by following them, sending them replies, mentioning them in your tweets, and re-tweeting their messages. In return they will most likely do the same for you, adding to the amount of people who view your account. You don’t want to be another victim to the black hole of Twitter so get out there, get more followers, and be heard.

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