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Internships… First Stop on the Way to Career Success

Internships… First Stop on the Way to Career Success

By Amanda Pecora, Intern

Going out into the “real world” after graduation can be challenging, intimidating and even terrifying. Due to our country’s economic downfall over the past few years, graduates have been finding it more and more difficult to land a job after college. Companies dig through hundreds of resumes each day and the candidates that come out on top are the ones that have internships. You can even ask Bill Gates, who was once an intern for the U.S. House of Representatives, and is now one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

Many college students are under the assumption that internships replace party time with boring, pointless, unpaid responsibility. On the contrary, internships are the first stop on the way to a rewarding career in any and all industries. There are many misconceptions about internships, but what college students don’t see is the fierce competition that awaits them after graduation day. Employers’ interests in looking at GPA’s and extracurricular activities have been replaced with internships. If you don’t have any, your likelihood of getting a job decreases.

Experience is priceless. A lot of internship programs may be unpaid, require you to go on coffee runs, and ask you to complete mind-numbing administrative tasks, but most of these companies really do value their interns and prepare you for entry-level positions. I have been extremely lucky with my internships. Even though, I like many, have gotten coffee for my supervisors, I have also learned important skills that will give me an edge up in the public relations field. I urge everyone I know to have one or two internships on their resume. Not only will it improve how you look to potential employers, but it will give you the confidence you need to succeed in the industry you long to be a part of.

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