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Accepting Facebook’s Inevitable Change

Accepting Facebook’s Inevitable Change

By Amanda Pecora, Intern

You can no longer hide from Facebook’s massive profile makeover. Within the next few weeks, Timeline will be forced upon all 800 million Facebook users.  Timeline is a new visual setup that allows people to better explore a user’s history of personal information, status updates, photos, videos and links from as far back as the person’s birth date up until the present. Zuckerberg calls it, “telling your life story with a new kind of profile as well as the biggest change to Facebook yet.” Facebook developers have given users seven days after installation to preview everything on their profile before it goes live or in other words, scramble to delete embarrassing old moments you don’t want the whole world to remember.

There are mixed emotions about Timeline as some find it to be “extremely creepy and invasive,” whereas others see “a beautiful and creative visionary.” I have witnessed my friends and family’s reactions to Timeline over the past week and I found it quite amusing… probably because I haven’t experienced the change yet.

My best friend finds it so cool that she can pick a cover photo for her profile and has spent even more time on Facebook, which I didn’t think was possible. (For those who don’t know yet, the cover photo is basically a larger profile picture that is meant to make a prominent statement about you as an individual.)

My mom has been screaming how she was just getting used to the old Facebook and she doesn’t like Mark Zuckerberg for doing this to her.

My dad has been teasing me that he is going to stalk my profile and find all the things I tried to hide back in the day when parents had no idea about Facebook.

Tensions are starting to rise for those who can’t accept change. I have seen statuses on my newsfeed demanding Mark Zuckerberg to bring the old Facebook back… like he’ll listen. I’m looking forward to getting a laugh at the Anti-Timeline groups, “How do I get rid of this?” forums and scams of ways to use the old Facebook format. It seems like I am the last person to get this new upgrade, but even if I end up hating it, I know there’s nothing I can do about it. Social media is constantly changing because deep down we know keeping the same old format wouldn’t keep us interested. That’s why we got rid of MySpace. I mean people have hated every single upgrade social media networks have done, but we get used to it, don’t we? Well, at least up until the next change comes.

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