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Fusion's Holiday Gift Guide

Fusion's Holiday Gift Guide


By Kristin Vincenzo


In an effort to support the media in its quest to provide us with all the news that’s fit to print (or “post”…this is the digital age…), I’ve opted to highlight some of the best holidays guides and advice in this week’s post about great holiday tech gadgets.

ABC News has a great post on tech toys:

“They might not all look as if they have a tech tie-in, but don’t be fooled by their cuddly or classic toy looks. The modern day toy is packed with tech features that likely work with one of today’s most popular gadgets — an iPhone or iPad. If you’re looking to avoid tech or electronic playthings for your little one this holiday season, you’ll want to close this page — here are our best tech toy picks…”


CNET has a Rich Man-Poor Man Option, perfect for all budgets! Everything from car tech to gaming to home theatre and beyond!

Champagne Budget (Got money to burn?) http://reviews.cnet.com/holiday-gift-guide/ultimate-luxuries/

Beer Budget (Gifts for under $100): http://reviews.cnet.com/holiday-gift-guide/under-100/

And if you’re really on a budget, or just care about not wasting money, Kiplinger.com advises on the 12 things that you should not buy during the holidays:


Regardless of what season it is, my friend Harry McCracken is a great guide to all things “gadgety and fun.” So if you’re shopping, or just want to keep up on the latest consumer tech, make sure that you check out http://techland.time.com/

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