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Are There Any Jobs Left?

Are There Any Jobs Left?

By Connie Hoi, Intern

As a senior in college, I’m starting to wonder if there are any jobs left. Competition is tough with more and more graduates and less job opportunities made available. Many people choose to sit at home and apply for hundreds of jobs and never get a response. They never think that there are also thousands of applicants sending their resumes and cover letters out for the same position. From talking with the folks here at Fusion, I have learned that the job search can be difficult but there are many opportunities with good networking and determination.

Many entry-level positions require applicants to have 1-2 years experience in the desired field. College graduates are expected to have this experience from internships or previous jobs to be qualified for the position. It is a delicate balance that employers are looking for; applicants cannot be too over qualified but are expected to have served some time in the general field.  Another downfall of the job search is being prepared to go lower than the expected salary. Companies understand that competition runs deep and that one applicant might take a pay decrease just to land the job. For some, the amount offered may seem low but it is better than not earning a paycheck at all.


Merriam Webster defines networking as, “the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically:  the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business”. Networking allows people to communicate and connect with others in various industries. It is also an effective and efficient way to discuss possible employment opportunities. People are less likely to score a job just by applying online. Face-to-face communication is important and more than likely, a possible employer will remember a face instead of just a name.

In the end, job seekers must be prepared to network. Determination is the key to success.

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