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Integrating Design, Branding and PR

Integrating Design, Branding and PR

“Any business that wants to realize its potential has to have good design.” – Mark Parker, Nike President & CEO

Earlier this week, Fast Company tweeted a short clip of Nike President & CEO Mark Parker discussing the importance of design behind a brand.

“The world doesn’t need any more mediocre product,” he stated. Adding, “you’re thinking about what’s possible, not just rehashing what already exists.” Parker runs one of the most identifiable and successful brands in the world. Since 1971, the Nike swoosh has been seen on shelves, streets, billboards, everywhere. For decades the company has consciously identified good product design and branding, producing global recognition of its swoosh logo and “Just Do It” slogan.

Nike proves that early branding of an emerging company is key to business success. Just like Nike, Google is another corporation with tremendous success and presence and now, even a proverb. Google’s ‘Brand Activate’ initiative helps businesses target their branding efforts to consumers.

Public relations delivers the authenticity and distinctiveness that elevates a brand through media outreach which in turn helps company growth. Design may not seem like a direct link to public relations, but there is a strong connection between media prominence and brand value. And without good design, there is no real brand value.

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