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PR Jobs are Expanding Across the Globe

PR Jobs are Expanding Across the Globe

By Erica Gossett (Intern)

Imagine a world without social media. Some of us are still getting used to the whole concept of “social media” while others have never lived a day without it. It’s clearly the leading invention of the century and is available on almost any electronic device. Social media has expanded to mobile apps which make it easy for users to access their accounts while on the go. It’s becoming exceptionally rare that people sit at their computers and send a tweet or write a wall post when their social media accounts can easily be accessed from their smart phones.

The demand for social media has created numerous career opportunities, as we are already seeing an increase in communications – especially public relations -jobs across the globe. How could a business survive without a PR team? With the launch of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, etc, it gives businesses extra exposure to advertise themselves. Adding professional bloggers to the team has become imperative for a business to have since many people tend to keep up with social media more than the news. According to Mediabistro.com, PR jobs are forecasted to increase 24% through 2018. If you are currently studying Public Relations, you have made the right decision!


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