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We're Hosting a Seminar on the New Tech PR Launch on 5/21

We're Hosting a Seminar on the New Tech PR Launch on 5/21

logo_IWNY_2Do you have a new tech product or company that you want to tell the world about? It used to be easy. Just hold an event, issue a press release, contact the top trade imagespublications and national media, and voila! If you had interesting news and a good PR firm, your news was sure to get coverage and attention.

But flash forward to today, and it is a much different world.Communications options have expanded, however the noise and competition for everyone’s attention have also increased.

The social media revolution by now is old news. But its impact continues to upend the media landscape, as there are now more channels and content sources/producers than ever. Further, more and more people are getting news on their mobile devices, and using aggregators and other tools to filter the mess.

Finally, the tech world is a noisy place. We love our gadgets and apps, and to follow the companies and people driving tech.  However it spawns a never-ending procession of startups, each with their own launches and stories to tell. The past few years have been especially noisy and busy in the space.

The upshot is that the old launch tactics are just not as effective any more.

You need to take a fresh look at how you launch, reset expectations and adjust tactics and strategies.

Join us at a seminar here at Fusion PR during Internet Week NY to learn more about the new tech PR launch.  It is on 5/21, at 2pm.  Attendance is limited, so please RSVP by clicking here.

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    Interested in learning more about this field.

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