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The Smart… (TV, Phone, Watch…), Now Home?

The Smart… (TV, Phone, Watch…), Now Home?

By: Caroline P. Wiejak (Intern) In today’s fast paced environment, it seems that almost everything is labeled “smart”. From phones to TV’s, the notion that tech products are “smart” doesn’t instill too much fear, or the notion of it being harmful. Most people I have spoken with find the “smart” aspect convenient, innovative, helpful and useful, while others find the “smart” aspect to be intrusive, promotes laziness, and harmful to society because of its unfiltered content. Both of these points of view have substantial validity to proposed claims. In a society that is ever moving, fast-paced and always eager for new innovations, the tech industry won’t and can’t slow down. With smartphone’s, smart TV’s, smart watches, and infinitely many more smart tech products on the market, a question is posed for our eagerly moving society: what is your opinion on smart homes? Just ten years ago, the notion of a smart home was deemed futuristic in nature, but has now slowly become a reality. There is no question that a smart home is innovative and sparks interest and intrigue, but is it safe? The question circulated in my mind when I heard rumors regarding Apple’s possible entry into the smart home market. Of course these are just rumors and speculations, but that doesn’t mean that other companies have not taken steps in this direction. It got me to thinking, that yes, this innovation would change and possibly improve the way we live and go about various normative everyday tasks, but it also has me questioning its safety, because as of today, hackers are smarter than ever. These questions will probably spark more debate as smart homes become mainstream and available to the public, but it is never too early to hypothesize. At first glance, I am highly interested, but not too convinced, partially because I am not familiar with the specifics of the smart home or it’s safeguards. That being said I have my questions, but what are your questions and opinions about the smart home?

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