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How Social Media Platforms Prove to be Useful – Part 1

How Social Media Platforms Prove to be Useful – Part 1

By Danielle Trentin

Social media platforms have evolved into becoming a very big part of our culture. They have changed the way people interact with one another, how daily news is received, how businesses attract and gain customers, and much more. Not only do these platforms change these everyday tasks, but each one brings a different aspect to the networks that prove to be extremely useful in life. Here’s how.
Blogging is an online platform that I feel is not taken seriously by most companies and individuals when in reality it can be used by many audiences from personal to professional users. Blogs allows individuals to brand themselves and show people what they have to offer. Blog have enabled musical artists, designers, and photographers to share their work with the public and create a following. For some, like Perez Hilton, this can even lead to fame. From a professional standpoint, more marketers and public relations professionals are starting to see the importance that blogs can have in their line of work and are beginning to use them in a more professional way.
By monitoring the comments that people make on other blogs, they are now used to keep an eye on what millions of people are saying about you, the market you sell into, your organization, and its products. Blogs play a major role in how a company, individual, or product is being looked at by the public and allows marketers to see an honest reaction and respond back or even fix what needs to be changed to create or maintain success.
Another social media platform that proves to be just as beneficial is LinkedIn. Today, LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking site. It is used solely by professionals to promote themselves or their business in a professional manner. I believe that unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is the best medium to create this type of presence. It allows people to specifically write about themselves and the qualifications they have without any nonsense material that can overshadow their professionalism. It also helps people gain virtual connections that can become real in the future.
Using LinkedIn for personal use is very common, but many companies and organizations also have professional pages that they use in various ways. Companies can use LinkedIn to attract new followers and possible employees while users are able to read about the company and learn more about a potential employer. Users can even connect with companies at the click of a button! Similarly, if a company needs employees or just comes across someone that they feel is qualified, they can reach out to them through the site’s messaging feature or connect with them as well. LinkedIn can also help a company or business gain credibility. It allows a company or business page to be consistently updated with an open platform for comments to create two-way communication.
Facebook is a site that has been around for many years and still continues to be one of the most used social media platforms. It has become a very popular way for people of all different ages to stay connected. Facebook is a great tool to stay connected to or meet new people in your area and serves as an easy way to practice making further connections. From a professional and business standpoint, Facebook offers a way to branch out and gain popularity and recognition. So many people are on Facebook due to it being one of the leaders in social networking, making it the perfect place for businesses to get their company’s name out there. Especially intriguing is that when a user ‘likes’ your page or something posted, ‘like’ will also appears on their Facebook profiles for their friends to see. This is an important feature that businesses should take notice of. Not only are they reaching their own followers with their business or product, but through sharing and liking of photos they reach other people’s followers as well. This makes posts go viral and gains positive recognition for their business.
From a public relations perspective, Facebook is crucial in maintaining relationships with a company’s key audience. This can be done by organizations gathering people into Facebook groups in order to keep them interested and informed. This way, all people who are interested in an organization are in one place where they can receive the information on what is happening, comment on it, and see other people’s feedback or who is interested. Facebook also allows companies to show off their material in a laid back comfortable format that most people enjoy. It is easy for public relations professionals to reach people when they don’t have to go too far to do it. Facebook provides that closeness and is a place where people of all ages are a part of. By and large, Facebook is a great place for companies to market themselves and create that two-way communication with their target audiences.
These are just three social media platforms that can be beneficial for people to use. The key is to learn how to use them and in a professional manner in order for them to be the most useful. Keep a look out for Part 2 of this series to read about three more social networks you can use professionally.

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