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Welcome to the Real World

Welcome to the Real World

By Mona Al-Hazza, Intern


The city of education is Boston. Everyone has heard of it. I graduated from Boston; we all know how well Boston is doing with education. Has anyone heard of the city of opportunities? It is New York City which has also provided me an opportunity. It has been my dream city, a city which always keeps me awake to see from bottom to top its well-structured and planned decisions about its people. It was my dream to work in it and see the things closely, to see how the decisions of the world are taken in NYC. How can world inventions change people’s lives? I am very much lucky that Fusion provided me an opportunity to work with them. There is no doubt that Fusion’s name is based on the daily friendly relationships with clients. My dream at Fusion is to take it at the peak of success, a step forward that is beyond the dream of any ordinary PR firm.

Walking into the internship program at Fusion PR I did not know what to expect. I wanted to get that “real world” experience; figure out what I like and do not like without committing to a permanent position. I am interested in PR but I am not sure what type of PR I would like to focus on. What type of agency would I like to work in? A big PR firm? Or maybe a small one? The definition of an internship varies so widely that it’s hard to get a baseline for judgment. Some interns have done work that have changed the world, while others have were basically locked in the mailroom. We’ve all heard stories of interns having to fix jammed printers, organize files and pick up coffee for their employers. Fusion’s internship program is nothing like that. Even though I am an intern, I feel like I am part of the wonderful team they have here.

I am very pleased to say that at Fusion I feel like I am getting the “real world” experience that I wanted day by day. I always knew I wanted to intern at a PR agency. The fast paced collaborative seemed perfect for me. Now that I’ve been at Fusion for a while I think it is safe to say that I no longer see myself working in a big PR firm, I know I would prefer working in a small firm. This internship has prepared me for a career in the public relations industry. It has allowed me to get a better understanding of what working in a PR agency is really like and I am very thankful for that.

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