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Why choosing PR is a smart career choice, especially for women

Why choosing PR is a smart career choice, especially for women

By Leigh Kurtzman, Intern

Why choosing  PR is a smart career choice, especially for women


Many college students across the globe yearn to find internships during the school year or over the summer to gain real world experience in the area of their choosing. Internships are becoming increasingly important in the competitive job market. Ultimately, the more internships a student has under his/her belt, the more likely they are to land a job after graduation.

More specifically, recent studies show that a communications internship is a great choice for students, and even more so, for women. In a survey completed by InternMatch, results showed that PR, marketing, and advertising made up the largest percentage of student internship searches. It was also interesting that they found that 42% of students seeking these communications internships are female. In a recent CareerCast report, public relations was included in the top 10 best careers for women, with a median salary of more than $95,0000, with a thirteen percent projected growth in available positions.  Having a PR internship is a great way to help kick-start a full time career in this industry after graduation.

Public Relations includes a variety of industries, job titles, and responsibilities, almost making it easy for students to become interested in this career path, and wanting to explore an internship in this exciting world. There are so many great opportunities. It is constantly changing, developing, and adapting, allowing people to mix it up and have different experiences, as well as the chance to rise to the top of the ladder in the PR world fairly quickly.

All of the reasons above appeal very much to me personally, and reflect on why I chose to seek out a public relations internship this summer. I was not exactly sure what type of PR I would be interested in, or if I would even be interested at all. Although I still am unsure of what my dream job is after I graduate, my short time in the PR world has shown me that there is an abundance of amazing opportunities for me to explore.

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