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Props for "PR Props"

Props for "PR Props"

By Bob Geller, Senior Vice President, NY

I got some nice responses to my PR Props post.

The post related some positive signs for the PR profession. There was a comment and some emails in response.

In particular, I was pleased to hear from Mark Weiner, author of Unleashing the Power of PR: A Contrarian’s Guide to Marketing and Communications.

I enjoyed the book, and mentioned it in my post because it carries a very positive message about using research and measurement to boost results and prove PR ROI (returns that typically outshine other forms of marketing).

He took me up on my offer to interview him about his book and approach here at Fusion PR Forum.

So please stay tuned, the interview will appear Monday. We will also be giving a signed copy of to one lucky commenter. So be sure and add to the discussion and your name could win in our raffle for an autographed copy.

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