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Traditional vs. Online Media Coverage

Traditional vs. Online Media Coverage

By Kara Anderson, Intern, N.Y.

Interning at Fusion for a few months now, I’ve quickly noticed how growing and changing technology significantly affects the outlets we use for the exchange of information.

In particular, during one of our company education sessions with Matt Sarrel of PC Magazine, the issue of print versus online and blog coverage was brought up. When planning with clients, PR agencies must decide the balance of coverage they think will be the most effective. Undoubtedly there are advantages to both, and which medium is more actively pursued depends on the goals of the client’s PR agenda.

A client covered in an online outlet or blog has the benefit of being readily available to anyone with an internet connection and the ability to perform a Google search. I feel that the two most important aspects of the Web are its growing popularity as a news source, especially for younger generations, and its interactivity, inimitable by other mediums Blogs, now a significantly more trusted and credible resource, give readers the opportunity to instantly share their comments and opinions. No print resource has the ability to do that.

However, traditional media outlets will always have certain advantages that cannot be achieved on the Web. Content in print form is easier to read, saved and is usually more memorable. According to a study by Psychology & Marketing, “Individuals have a better ability to recall after viewing materials in print rather than on screen.” Thus, an article in BusinessWeek is tangible, portable and almost always something that a client appreciates and desires.

Based on my experiences at Fusion, I have noticed that online coverage is very important since the Web is an ideal place to read and discuss technology news and the Internet itself is a big part of the technology our clients offer. An article appearing online, however, is not generally as coveted as a print hit for many clients. And as more and more print publications are folding, web hits are becoming increasingly important. There will always be opposing claims around which medium is “better,” but a strong campaign combines both to successfully meet the client’s PR goals.

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  • Rachael

    July 12, 2007 at 5:11 pm Reply

    Great post! This is a frequent point of discussion and I think each client has a different opinion as well.

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