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Update: Tech Journalists Reveal Impact of Social Media

Update: Tech Journalists Reveal Impact of Social Media

By Bob Geller, Senior Vice President, N.Y.

We just thought we would share some of the blog buzz the survey has generated.

We got attention from some top blogs / media brands, like BusinessWeek, ZDnet and SearchEngineWatch.

We also got our fair share of snarkiness and skepticism; I guess that is par for the course in the blogosphere. Some of the posts pointed out that some of the findings seem to be contradictory, e.g. the number of journalists citing blogs in their articles (67%) is higher than the number of journalists who regard bloggers to be credible sources (31%).

Although one blogger attributed this to a poorly constructed survey, if you think about it the two things are not one and the same.

The full report, which will be posted here on September 10, will provide more information from which people can draw conclusions.

Here is some of the related coverage:

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