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Survey Says…

Survey Says…

By Bob Geller, Senior Vice President, N.Y.

As promised, we are publishing the full results of our survey: “The Impact of Social Media on Technology Journalism.”

You can download the full report in a PDF format below. The report includes details of our methods, goals, and results, and includes a link to the actual data that Survey Monkey captured.

This should give everyone who has an interest the information needed to learn more about social media impact on tech journalism, and form their own conclusions. We hope it sparks further discussion and fully expect that there will be second guessing as well as (hopefully) some positive feedback.

There continues to be much discussion on these topics here at Fusion PR as well as in the profession in general. Indeed just this morning, in reviewing the survey report, Fusion Senior VP Michael Lane remarked:

“One thing that caught my eye that wasn’t mentioned in the summary is that 75% percent of all the journalists use ‘Search’ as a way of researching companies and trends (question 6).

I think that’s significant for two reasons:

1.) Using RSS and social media to disseminate information is important to stay high in search engine rankings (as is linking messaging with SEO/SEM initiatives)

2.) A close third response was that 66% of journalists rely on PR contacts for information which means traditional PR is still an incredibly important part of the marketing mix”‘

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  • Steve

    September 19, 2007 at 8:10 pm Reply

    The link doesn’t work for the survey –

  • Tara

    September 24, 2007 at 12:31 pm Reply

    Sorry about that Steve, but the link should work now. We recently moved our website server. Thanks for letting us know the glitch.

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