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Social Networking and Media Relations

Social Networking and Media Relations

By Robert Geller, SVP

Is social networking the next frontier in media relations? I explored this topic in my post on the Flack’s Revenge blog earlier this week:

“Based on conversations with a number of PR colleagues, most that I know are still feeling their way around and erring on the side of caution, which goes to show that we are not all opportunistic pitching machines.

Protocols are evolving with no clear cut rules. What it means to be a friend on social networks, and the etiquette of “friending” – these topics are still very much up for discussion.

Also, there is the effect that “the machine,” i.e. technology has on us… see my earlier post about how it is in some ways changing the nature of friendship and relationships.

Journalists have said time and again that their preferred mode of interaction with PR people is to build trusted relationships that result in the productive exchange of info over the long term.

So what better way to burnish PR / journo relations than through these forums? Regardless of profession, people are increasingly taking to the social networks to make connections and get the info they need.

Despite the lack of clear cut rules of engagement, I think there are some general rules of thumb that we can all do well by heeding…”

You can read more about this topic, including some tips and examples, in my post: Have You “Friended” a Journalist Today?

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