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Distributing your Social Media Release

Distributing your Social Media Release

By Robert Geller, SVP

There has been lots of buzz in the PR industry lately about social media releases. It seems like more and more agencies and client companies are jumping on board with the concept, and I have seen a growing number of posts about successes.

First, a bit of explanation. For the uninitiated, an SMR is a press release that has been formatted specifically for consumption by online audiences. On Flacks Revenge I have blogged quite a bit about SMRs (pluses and minuses), and their implications for public communications.

Brian Solis seems to be an authority on this, and blogs about SMRs extensively on the PR 2.0 blog. His site includes a link to a template that can help you craft your own SMR.

PRX Builder offers an online service for crafting and posting SMRs.

Of course, once you have crafted an SMR the next question is: how to best distribute it?

The good news is that there are a growing number of ways to do this. PRWeb is known to have an excellent service for SMR distribution. PRX Builder, mentioned above, can help with this as well and is free (althought I don’t think they claim the reach of of PRWeb).

And I was pleased to see earlier this week that PR Leap has jumped into the fray, and announced that their service handles SMRs, at a very reasonable fee.

(I saw this on their blog, and it begs the question: did they use an SMR to anounce their own service?!!)

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