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"Weblog" Originator Shares Top Blogging Tips

"Weblog" Originator Shares Top Blogging Tips

By Asif Husain, Director, Fusion PR L.A. Office

Believe it or not, it’s been 10 years since Blogs first appeared, or at least since the term was created. Not just a fad as initially predicted, Blogs have stuck and evolved past online diaries to become mainstays and now even a major portion of a PR professional’s daily targets for coverage.

The rules of engagement, of course are slightly different with the less formal “new media” (content for another post, no doubt), but even more interesting is that we PR professionals are being engaged by clients to help them launch their own Blogs. Rather than going to the reporters first, we have some clients “thinking like publishers” and working with them to create the content and reach their target audiences directly.

In order to do so, there are some key factors to keep in mind. Check out the article in Wired which includes top 10 tips from the man who coined the term “Weblog,” John Barger. The major take-away – do your homework, show love to other posts, share links in a smart way with your readers and show some personality. Bulldog Reporter also has some thoughts they share which boil down to read first, then write and then write often! Your Blog has to be smart, relevant and regularly updated in order for it to take off.

Happy New Year and Happy Blogging!

Top 10 from the man himself (via Wired article)

More helpful tips, on Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog

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