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Love Is In The Air For YAHOO!

Love Is In The Air For YAHOO!

By Beth Fichtel, VP, Fusion PR

In case you have been working under a rock, Microsoft has been trying to acquire Yahoo for 42.1 billion. Clearly this would help to increase Microsoft’s audience, further its reach for advertising and give it a real chance to go up against Google. Combining Yahoo’s engineering and Microsoft’s superior technology it just might be the solution to help surpass Google.

Then appeared the other potential partners…News Corporation, Time Warner’s AOL and even Google. Looks like the other big dogs want to keep the bone away from the MS software giant. Miguel Helft and Andrew Ross Sorkin from The New York Times reported “The talks with the News Corporation follow a show of interest from Google, whose chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt, called his counterpart at Yahoo, Jerry Yang, to offer his company’s help in keeping Yahoo independent after Microsoft’s bid. The two companies discussed the possibility of Yahoo’s outsourcing its search-related ad business to Google, according to people briefed on the talks.”

The question is can anyone really come up with an offer that’s more attractive then Microsoft’s? Could the possibility of a Yahoo partnering with News Corp., one of the world’s largest media corporations incite Microsoft to increase its bid?

I would love nothing more this Valentine’s Day then to hear your thoughts on this topic…

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