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Narrowing the Reality Gap

Narrowing the Reality Gap

By: Stephen Andrews, VP, Fusion PR

As the highly contested nomination for the Democratic candidate continues with only a few states remaining and super delegates waiting to weigh-in, once again we see the political debate in a downward spiral. Obama doesn’t really support Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s vision, philosophy, or rants about America, but his money does and Hillary really didn’t make a mistake about being shot at in Bosnia – she lied.

Political rhetoric, jockeying for position and bad advice from media consultants aside – the messages here are so far removed from reality it reminds me of the shots of Paris Hilton carrying a bible to her court appearance. It just won’t work; and like China‘s thinking it’s pre-Olympic blues can be fixed by a snappy slogan, messaging cannot bridge these reality gaps.

Messaging must reflect an authenticity; and bring that to light in a way a target audience may/may not have thought about. Falsehoods/misstatements and misrepresentations cannot and will never be a substitute for reality. Perhaps politicians, nations and celebutantes can use this advice to start building excuses; oops I mean messages.

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  • Bennett Baruch

    April 18, 2008 at 9:41 am Reply

    We obviously live in society of detachment and disconnect as ones actions tend not to reflect what they say… I was taught as a child that actions speak louder than words; I guess that doesn’t apply when you’re an adult.

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