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Message in a Box

By, Stephen Andrews, SVP, Fusion NY (@stevebandrews) I admit it, I have a thing for messaging.  Crafting and even more importantly testing these wonderful examples of creative thought against, well reality has become a bit of a guilty pleasure.  The true test of any message is

You’ll Have it Our Way – and Like It

By: Stephen Andrews, SVP, Fusion PR (@stevebandrews)Messaging, messaging, messaging. It all comes down to messaging. I rant and rant, and yet it’s like Twitter. I feel like I’m screaming into an abyss of voices and chaos where no one can get beyond their own petty

Messaging in the Era of Modular Information

By, Stephen Andrews, Vice President, Fusion PR (@stevebandrews)It’s a curse, I see messaging everywhere and I simply cannot resist turning it over and over in my mind, looking for inconsistencies, for ways to improve and tighten and most importantly to see if the increasingly fragmented

Narrowing the Reality Gap

By: Stephen Andrews, VP, Fusion PR As the highly contested nomination for the Democratic candidate continues with only a few states remaining and super delegates waiting to weigh-in, once again we see the political debate in a downward spiral. Obama