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Doesn't This Feel Like a Public Service Announcement?

Doesn't This Feel Like a Public Service Announcement?

By David Eisele, Intern

Two days. That’s all I have left. Two days. Wow. I’ve had a blast here, and I’m sad that my time is coming to a close.

This experience has taught me more about myself, what I’m passionate about, what I’d like to pursue professionally, etc. Even though I’m planning on a different career path (Law school), I know that my time hasn’t been wasted.

If you’ve thought (or are thinking) about doing an internship, do it! It’s a great opportunity to be surrounded by and work with professionals, learn how a business is run and gain some much-need experience, amongst other valuable skills.

I recently read an interesting article in The Marquette Tribune Online (a Marquette University news site) entitled “Unpaid interns value experience,” (from April 2008) by Rosemary Lane. She writes in her article that while some students feel “used” in an unpaid internship, other students feel that “the experience gained from unpaid internships far outweighs the lack of checks.”

Experience gained, or not gained, really depends on the internship itself, as well as the person. It’s what you make of it. Don’t let this experience pass you by!

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