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The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

By Bennie Sham, Internship Program Lead (@beesham)

While the lyrics to Smashing Pumpkins’ “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” has nothing to do with this entry, I found the title to be perfect. Internships are the beginning steps for most students who want to gain experience in their fields of interest. It is also the end of their naiveté. The experience skills developed will help them venture forth into their first real job. I hope that, not only our interns but those at other companies, will have learned enough to confidently walk into their entry-level positions and know that they can do the job. And do the job right.

Last Friday was the last day for three of our interns–David, Collin and Leilani. During their semester here, we planned a few excursions and educational sessions, which I hope they learned something from. They were a tremendous help and brought some great ideas to the table. They’ll be missed, not only for their hard work, but because they are just good people.

While it’s always sad to see interns go, we anticipate our next group (no, not just because they helped us with work). We still have Kemba with us but she’ll be leaving mid-May. After three months with someone, it’s always a tearjerker when they leave. This is when I say, “Good thing for Facebook, LinkedIn and emails.” There are always ways to keep in touch.

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