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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

By Kate Scarpa, Internship Program Coordinator

Our spring 2009 interns walked out of Fusion’s offices and onto the streets of New York City for the very last time on Friday. With their mass exodus, it made me wonder…in these three short months, have we given them a sturdy set of wings to fly in the world of public relations?

Whenever I think of an intern program, I focus on the end and not so much the means. I think of education, learning, experiencing new things, but never really gave much thought on how they were taught, that is, until I became the teacher. As our interns are learning about PR, Fusion and having a full time job, I’m learning the best technique to make their time here the most fulfilling. With all experiences, I’ve learned a lot and now I’m anxiously waiting to mold our next set of interns into budding PR professionals!

I don’t know if my nostalgic attitude is in overdrive, but I’m truly sad to see this group go.

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