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Survey on Internships

Survey on Internships

By Bennie Sham, Internship Program Lead (@beesham)

To emphasize what our interns, and myself, have been saying about internships, I found a press release by The Creative Group on a survey they developed on the benefits of internships. They conducted 250 phone interviews with randomly chosen advertising and senior marketing executives from over 4,000 companies. One question they asked was “Aside from pay, what do you think is the greatest benefit to students or graduates who participate in an internship program?”

The number one answer? “Experiencing different work environments” (31%), while improving soft skills (24%) and improving technical skills/knowledge (22%) trailed close behind. The Creative Group also offered some tips for landing internships.

This survey helps to prove my point that internships, whether paid or unpaid, are really worth taking the time to apply for.

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