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By Bennie Sham, Internship Program Lead (@beesham)

Spring just started but the semester is almost over. Students, you know the semester is ending when you’re bombarded with end-of-term papers. For me, the semester is over when I’m bombarded with resumes from new applicants.

The process begins with renewing postings at several local colleges’ career development centers. We also work with the University of Dreams, an internship placement program that places students at companies in various cities throughout the world. We also started expanding our list of schools to include BYU-Idaho (sister school to Brigham Young University in Utah) and some from our neighboring states. I’m proud to say that we’ve had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing students, even when I was interning here.

This year, we’ve received quite a bit of interest and spoke with some great candidates. It was a hard decision (and I’m glad I didn’t make it alone) but I think we chose some great students. Now, we just have to start preparing for them.

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