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The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

By Samantha Evans, Intern (@samevans24)

I never expected to feel as comfortable after only four days, as I do here at Fusion Public Relations. I am not only thrilled with my high comfort level but I am also extremely relieved that I have finally found an internship I am happy with. This is in most part due to the staff at Fusion PR. They have been extremely welcoming, and made me feel right at home from the first minute I arrived at the office in the always exciting Times Square in New York City.

As I began writing this blog, my first ever, I began to make a mental list of all of the things I have been doing the past four days. However, after doing so, I came to realize that the question I should really be asking myself is, what have I not been doing? I compiled media and analyst lists as well as briefing documents, engage in research about media outlets, publications, award and tradeshows and will eventually dive into composing press releases, editorial calendars and monthly activity reports.

While completing all of these tasks, I am learning about the latest technologies, a topic that I typically stayed clear of in the past. Those who know anything about me would be shocked to find out I am interning for a tech savvy public relations firm. Just as Bennie Sham, an account executive here at Fusion, and now one of my co-workers (yes, I can call her a co-worker) said during my interview, “we are extremely tech heavy but still fun!” I truly am having fun and learning something new every single day. I am excited to be spending ten weeks here, not only having fun while learning and growing, but I am even lucky enough to receive hands-on public relations experience.

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