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Never Forget the Past

Never Forget the Past

By Samantha Evans, Intern (@samevans24)

Ibrey Woodall began her blog post, From old media to social media: Survey reveals the essential elements for today’s newsroom by stating, “Traditionally, the term “media” referred to mainstream print publications and broadcast stations. However, the rise of social media has shifted perceptions and some now consider traditional media as “old” media.” Most people are claiming that these “old” media outlets will see the end very shortly. The Bad Pitch Blog even titled one of their newest blogs, Michael Jackson’s Dead: Now Comes the Mainstream Media’s Death. Many of us have foreseen the death of print media for a very long time. However, it is one thing to acknowledge the death of “old” media, and another to fully embrace the new social media spectrum.

It is a good thing Fusion PR teaches its interns about social media every day. Regardless of educational sessions and meetings about social media, the pure fact that I am even writing a weekly blog says enough. I am not only writing my own, but following others PR bloggers as well. Throughout my blogging experience I have learned more about the public relations field than I ever did in communication classes at college. I guess it is true what they say; you can never truly understand and learn about something, until you experience it personally.

However, there are those who continue to reinforce the importance of “old” media and traditional PR. Just because social media is on the rise, does not mean we can completely count traditional media out. The Legend of Aerocles blog explains that a successful public relations strategy should include a balance of traditional and social media tactics.

The article For Social Media & PR — Integration is Key… For Projects and Employees states, “Traditional marketing & PR tactics must be used in congruence with an online approach in order to capitalize on any successful social engagement on behalf of the brand or company.” Fusion focuses on all types of media, both online and print outlets. I have ordered numerous print hard copies of newspapers to send to clients. As a matter of fact, throughout most of the weekly client meetings, the client continually asks, “I see all of the hits online, but where am I getting coverage in print?” Fusion addresses the dilemma of traditional vs. social media head on, and no matter how big social media gets, they will never forget their roots.

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