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How to Promote Your Blog and Keep it Fresh with Content

How to Promote Your Blog and Keep it Fresh with Content

Bob Geller, Senior VP (@rgeller)

I wrote two posts on Flack’s Revenge recently that offer guidance to the growing number of companies that are launching blogs.

The first post explains the various mechanisms you can use to drive traffic to the blog.  It includes advice for getting in search engines and directories, and for getting the word out about the blog and its posts.

The second post aims to tackle what most find to be the most challenging part of blogging – keeping the blog populated with fresh and interesting content.

In addition to the ideas I mentioned (and the ones from other referenced blogs), I realized that there is another great strategy that can provide a rich vein of topics for blogging and tweeting;  one that many don’t see, yet it is right under our noses.

What I am talking about are the daily interactions with friends and colleagues, dialogue that is often captured electronically via email and other means.  We often buzz about topics near and dear to our businesses, products, services and lives.  We share links and interesting tidbits.  We correspond about breaking news and developments.  We share opinions on what these mean, advice and strategies.

These interactions can provide good topics and content for blogging and tweeting.  The obvious caveats apply – you don’t want to share sensitive info or anything that might embarrass the source (err on the side of caution: if there is any question, just ask if it would be OK to tweet or blog about the topic at hand or share info with others).

Having said that, I often find that discussions with friends, collegaues and clients provide a great blogging muse.  It generally does not take much work to turn the info from an email message or thread into a blog post or tweet and, in doing so, keep the content drumbeat going.

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