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The Power of Persuasion

The Power of Persuasion

By Giles Taylor, Intern (@gilescatherine)

For the past year, Obama has been fighting tooth and nail with the members of Congress to get the Healthcare Bill approved and passed. Now that it has finally passed, from a PR standpoint the question is, did he do this through a really great healthcare plan or was it really through his power of persuasion and a good PR tactic?

When it comes to all government topics, I always feel that these bills are passed on who is better at persuasion. It does not really matter if the bill is really great or just lackluster; it’s all in how they can spin it. Although this was a health bill, Obama was smart and added a lot of key elements to the bill that would trigger the emotions of a lot of Americans and members of Congress.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., described the health bill as “a jobs bill. It was also an economic-recovery bill. It was a deficit-reduction bill. It was an anti-discrimination bill. It was, truly, a bill of rights. And now it is the law of the land.”

These are all big topics that Americans are very concerned about right now. Hearing that this bill will help those who are unemployed and help those who are struggling financially really made an impact. If Obama had failed to include such current and powerful words, this bill may never have passed. Now it is time to see how the bill affects the nation and hope that we were not fooled by the power of persuasion yet again.

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