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Promoting Records or Backstage Meltdowns?

Promoting Records or Backstage Meltdowns?

By Alexandra Lue, Intern

On Tuesday, singer Chris Brown appeared on Good Morning America for what he believed was to promote his new album F.A.M.E. When GMA reporter Robin Roberts started to ask Brown questions about ex-girlfriend Rihanna, you could see he grew uncomfortable and frustrated by his sudden change in body language. After the interview was over, Brown performed and walked off the stage in a fury, knocking over a water cooler backstage and then throwing a chair through a window in the dressing room.

Two years ago, Brown was involved with a domestic dispute with his girlfriend at the time, pop singer Rihanna. He was given probation and placed under a restraining order, which made it difficult to attend award shows and concerts since the two musical artists have a similar fan base. After images of Rihanna’s bruised and beaten face surfaced two years ago, Brown put on a baby blue sweater to build his angelic boylike image, apologized for letting down his fans and expressed his disappointment in his behavior. Yesterday, Brown continued to promote his album and found he was once again apologizing for his behavior at GMA on an interview with BET’s 106th and Park.

Brown struggles to stay in the positive limelight. Just last month, he was back lashed for his public argument and hurtful comments towards fellow singer, Raz-B, via twitter. Brown responded to Raz-B’s accusations of molestation from former tour mate, Marques Houston, with negative homosexual remarks.  The media quickly labeled Brown of being anti-gay and homophobic. Brown should enroll in some media training courses so he knows how to protect his brand image.  This recent incident could have been prevented if GMA and Chris Brown could have agreed to some speaking points prior to the interview and established that he was only appearing on the show to promote his new album. Instead of the focus being on his musical talent, discussions on Late Night, the Wendy Williams Show and Tonight Show all steered towards the direction of his poor anger management skills. Not quite the publicity you want to sell records.

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