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And Now the Job Hunt Begins…Again

And Now the Job Hunt Begins…Again

By Alexandra Lue, Intern

If I could go back to my undergraduate years, I would’ve interned at Fusion a long time ago. They say that everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that now. Unlike some other interns, I have already graduated from college. As a recent graduate during these economic hard times, I fell into a job doing what I knew best and that was retail. I have been working as a retail manager for the last two years, but I knew that wasn’t where my heart was.

I first picked up my interests in Public Relations through my collegiate organization where I served as PR coordinator. Under this role, I learned about promoting events, creating swag materials, and writing press releases. When I started applying for jobs, I wasn’t getting call backs for interviews. Every company was looking for someone with experience, but not willing to give me that entry experience. I thought I knew most of what there was to the job, but boy was I wrong. I didn’t gain my understanding of the job description until I started here at Fusion.

This experience has been great. Not only was I responsible for performing the tasks of an entry level PR job, but everyone here took the time out to make sure I learned practices that I would be able to use in the future. Now that I have a snapshot of social media, media tracking, pitching, media lists and more, I am ready to see the big picture. If I could give any college student advice, it would be to do as many internships as possible because you have the opportunity to network and further your career with the hands on experience you will gain. I am more confident that I have something to bring to the table and so now, I am ready to start applying for a job, again.

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