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Twitter For Newsrooms

Twitter For Newsrooms

By Hillary Greene, Intern

Social media has had a major impact on the way that journalists obtain information. One of the best ways to stay up to date with information is Twitter, and now the company has introduced a new resource for journalists: Twitter for Newsrooms.

The Twitterverse is always full of information and news occurring at that very moment. Anyone can post a tweet that may contain unverified and untrue information that can spread like wild fire. With Twitter for Newsrooms, the company is hoping to optimize the platform’s reporting potential.

This new portal breaks Twitter down to make it simpler for journalists and newshounds to use the micro-blog website for valuable information. The media section of the site has been split into four new categories: Report, Engage, Publish and Extra.

Report gives advice for the best ways to find sources using tools such as TweetDeck and advanced search. Engage contains suggestions on how to tweet effectively and includes thorough examples. Publish and Extra are great categories for Twitter beginners. Publish explains how to follow and retweet other users. Extra contains information about support forms and blogs.

About the new site, Twitter said: “We want to make our tools easier to use so you can focus on your job: finding sources, verifying facts, publishing stories, promoting your work and yourself and doing all of it faster and faster all the time.”

Twitter launching an official guide for journalists shows how large of an impact social media has on the news. Is Twitter going to become the “newsroom?”

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