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PR Gurus take a Break for Los Angeles Culture

PR Gurus take a Break for Los Angeles Culture

By Alyzeh Ashraff, Intern

Coming into Fusion PR as a public relations intern, I was expecting long hours, grueling work and nonstop communication internally and externally- my expectations certainly were met.  Here at Fusion my inbox is constantly growing and I rarely see my superiors taking an actual lunch break.  All of which was to be expected to get a taste of the real life of PR pros.

Just as the sun began to shine recently and it felt more like summer than the middle of February, an office outing was proposed.  It was time to release ourselves from the world of PR and dive into an evening where we could appreciate the amazing city that we live in.

An escape to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and dinner at hip eatery Terroni, it was as ‘LA’ as it could get. We hit the road and were all pleasantly surprised by the lack of traffic we hit on our way down Wilshire Boulevard, an unpopular street because of the usual gridlocked traffic.

The contemporary works of Ellsworth Kelly, Chris Burden’s Metropolis II, Wonderland and California Design exhibitions were on our list of displays to view for the evening. They all appealed to each of our different tastes and caught our attention in a variety of aspects.  Nothing like seeing an Andy Warhol piece in person to stimulate your senses!

From LACMA, our dinner at Terroni supplied us with a fitting ambiance and delicious food to satisfy our heavy appetites. Good conversation, laughs and Tiramisu perfected the end of a long day. A very ‘LA’ night for Fusion LA!

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