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Q & A with Bob Geller

Q & A with Bob Geller

By Hannan Ben Slimane, Intern

To get to know a bit more about our staff here at Fusion, I decided to interview Bob Geller for my weekly blog. If you don’t know, Bob is the Executive Vice President at Fusion PR and one of the pioneers in the business. Bob is our social media expert and we in the office enjoy reading his blog about social media, PR and marketing. Check out the Q&A below to know more about his passion for PR, his aspirations and how he works at Fusion. Also, check the Flack’s Revenge blog to read Bob’s latest articles.

1.      Can you sum up your career in PR?

Not easily… it has been a long and winding road that started with engineering, veered in customer support, marketing, sales, IT consulting and then tech PR.

2.      Where does your passion for PR come from?

I enjoy communicating, ideas and creativity.

3.      What is your typical day at Fusion?

Generally it is a mix of line level PR activities, management and new business development.

4.      How would you describe/define the management in the office?

Hands on, lead by example, proactive, results-oriented.

5.      If you didn’t have a career in PR, what would have been your second choice?

Writing/producing books, comedy or movies.

6.      Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully not too far from retirement.

7.      How do you see the future of PR?

It will continue to evolve as the media world evolves.

8.      What advice would you give to young people starting their career in PR?

Defy convention, commit to constant learning and discovery of new methods, and never get complacent.

9.      What is your best and worst PR moment?

Best: Too many good ones to choose from; any time we get coverage for small clients in top media, that is a great moment

Worst: Media event in which almost no media showed up

10.  Is there anything you don’t like about PR? If so, what would it be?

Constant pressure, some think that you are only as good as your last hit.

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