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NY Tech in Numbers Infographic / Thank You, Summer 2012 Interns

NY Tech in Numbers Infographic / Thank You, Summer 2012 Interns

At Fusion PR, we’ve enjoyed watching the growth of the NY tech scene in recent years.  Our home office is here in the city, as are a number of clients, so we have front row seats.  I and others at the agency like to attend the local networking and educational events, and read about the latest developments here in the media.

I have wanted, for awhile, to quite literally chart the growth of NY tech, not just with words but images too.  The plan has been to tell the great story that is unfolding via a series of infographics. I am sharing the first one with this post; it was created by our NY summer interns. The infographic shows the state of NY tech in numbers.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our summer interns. The group this year has been nothing short of exceptional. Each and everyone has helped us in our efforts to deliver the best results possible for our clients. So, thank you, Carole Bersillon, Hannan Ben Slimane, Laura Baumann, Rachael Barhelmes, and Alyzeh Ashraff (and Baraneh, great to have you on board). We hope you stay in touch and come back!

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