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Ode to Fusion

Ode to Fusion

By Amanda Pecora, Intern

Today I am sad to say that I am writing my last blog post as a Fusion Public Relations intern. I have spent this past week looking back at my experience at Fusion and I can proudly say that it was extremely beneficial for my growth as a PR professional. I have learned countless amount of information that will guide me through my next steps in the public relations industry. Before this internship, I knew nothing about technology and today if anyone asks me what cloud computing or mobile diagnostics are, I can actually answer the question and engage in a discussion. I didn’t even think it was possible for this former beauty intern to be interested in something SO different, but I actually became fascinated by this life-changing industry and am even following technology editors on my personal Twitter!

This internship has increased my knowledge of the field tremendously as I completed hands-on tasks for clients, participated in brainstorming sessions with the team, and enhanced my writing skills by writing weekly blog posts. I have learned the ins and outs of what is takes to succeed in this industry and have received valuable advice that I will carry with me throughout my career.

I stressed this in my first blog, but I can’t tell people enough… internships are monumental for any career, especially public relations.  Internships teach you far more than the basic skills taught in universities. Reading PR definitions out of a book is nothing compared to the experience you receive on a client call, in one of Fusion’s educational sessions, in researching for new business and in many other responsibilities I accomplished while I was here. Every task you are given challenges you and entices you to accomplish goals expected by clients. Even as an intern at Fusion, I realized how much my work had a purpose for the firm. Building media lists may seem like a mundane task compared to what a Vice President of a PR firm may do, but at the end of the day it is extremely important for a client. These lists need to be perfect in order to reach every media outlet possible and further develop the client’s reputation in their field. I got a concrete understanding that each task is part of a bigger picture and it all benefits the company.

I want to thank the entire Fusion NY team for making me feel welcome on the very first day. This office is the type of work environment public relations professionals long to be a part of. You all have amazing personalities and create such a fun atmosphere, but are also extremely dedicated and hard-working. I can’t express how much I appreciate the opportunity you have given me and your willingness to teach me what it is like to be part of such a successful PR firm. All of your passion, motivation and enthusiasm to help your clients have inspired me to be the same way when I have my own list of clients. I am happy to say I learned something each and every day that I was here and that cannot be said of most internships. I am incredibly grateful and I wish Fusion the best of luck with their future endeavors. I will miss you all.

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