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The New York City Intern Life

By Katie Harty, Intern Thousands of college kids flock to the big city for the summer to get a chance to play a part of the corporate world by being an intern.  Twenty-something-year olds come from all over the world and file into vacant dorm rooms,

Ode to Fusion

By Amanda Pecora, Intern Today I am sad to say that I am writing my last blog post as a Fusion Public Relations intern. I have spent this past week looking back at my experience at Fusion and I can proudly say that it was extremely

I’ve got the key… it’s called experience

By Danielle Wald, Intern Making a career choice can be one of the most daunting experiences in a person’s life. There are thousands of paths one could take and it seems almost impossible to make the right decision. So, how is it that people arrive at