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The Dynamic Duo: PR’s Role in the Tech Industry

The Dynamic Duo: PR’s Role in the Tech Industry

By Laura Baumann, Intern

Today life without a cell phone or an Internet connection seems unthinkable. Technology has become so advanced that we are able to solve real world problems in an easier and efficient manner. Tech has infiltrated daily life in so many ways that it’s hard to remember entire generations surviving without it

Public Relations has played a major role in the technology world particularly in the past few years. Both startup companies as well as the bigger competitors have relied heavily on the PR pros for product advocacy. PR helps organizations become more advanced and established in the industry and enables clients to articulate their vision. PR at its core is the practice of managing the flow of information between an individual or an organization and the public. Most of today’s technologies rely on public awareness and support. Tech agencies combine traditional PR and social media tactics to help tech companies build relationships, enhance visibility, and ultimately increase ROI.

PR is especially important for tech startups breaking into the business. It can be challenging for unknown startups to gain media attention. Good press can be one of the biggest drivers for startups looking to grow their user bases, and as a result, a pretty important component for success. Startups rely heavily on tech PR agencies to get the story to the right people at the right time in order to advance their business goal. With the rise of tools and technologies, PR practitioners can measure the value of these efforts and how they align with a tech company’s overall mission

Tech PR firms work hard to generate buzz worthy news about their clients. As our clients and their innovative products become mainstream, we as PR professionals strive for the cutting edge. As society becomes increasingly tech savvy, agencies feel the pressure to become more innovative. Proving value has become increasingly important as the demand for digital work and content creation rises. Having clear messages and PR campaigns in place is important for companies in the competitive industry of technology. The pros focus on securing strategic coverage and sparking conversation by creating the most interesting and newsworthy PR content.


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