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Tips to help your infographic NOT suck [According to Victoria Yarnish]

Tips to help your infographic NOT suck [According to Victoria Yarnish]

Infographics could easily be one of the past few years’ hottest PR trends.  They’re fun, they’re creative, and they let PR and marketing pros get the word out on some interesting or unique trends or growing statistics.  But let’s face it, the entire word is now in on the popularity of the infographic, and that means only one thing – oversaturation.

Part of being a savvy PR rep, is to know when something works and when it’s played out.  I’m not saying that infographics are dead, but I am saying it’s time to take a look at your client’s goals, and determine if it really makes sense to use an infographic.

Here are some common problems with infographics.

Boring – Once you take the time to put your industry-changing data into a graphic, you find out that it doesn’t make for a compelling visual.  At that point, you should scrap the idea altogether and go the more traditional route – use words!  Reporters will thank you for not sending yet another boring throwaway image.

Bad Execution – Just like anything, there’s an art to creating a really sticky infographic.  Not everyone is talented enough to translate numbers into this creative format.  Worry not – there are more than enough experts you can turn to!  If you aren’t equipped with an in-house design and graphics team, enlist the help of an expert, they are everywhere.  And trust me (or don’t), it will be worth the extra investment.

Hard to Decipher – You have options with your infographic, so make sure that you chose the correct format to make your data really stand out.  Whether it’s a Venn diagram, a bar graph, or a flow chart, decide what’s going to really pop with the dataset you are working with.  The glamour behind infographics is that they capture a reader’s attention and provide an easy-to-understand snapshot of an industry or popular movement.  Help your clients go viral, make the right decision!

I’m not saying that following these tips will guarantee you to go down in infographics history, but try to use your instincts and intuition to know when to say yes and when to say no.

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